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Enter Can­vas.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Just over a month and a half ago Mar­tin and myself launched a new ven­ture called Can­vas, a beau­ti­ful co-work­ing space designed for cre­at­ive types.

Canvas Cowork

In the five and a half years of run­ning an agency (nclud) we learned the import­ance of hav­ing the right envir­on­ment for cre­at­ives; we under­stand how much of an impact the right space can make in the cre­at­ive pro­cess.

We designed nclud’s HQ all by ourselves, we mod­i­fied the floor plans, picked all fin­ishes, paint, fur­niture, decor, all of it. We designed a work­place every one of us was proud to call our ‘office’.

There is just some­thing about walk­ing into work every morn­ing and feel­ing like you are in the right place, a space that ‘feels’ cre­at­ive.

This feel­ing is some­thing wanted to mim­ic for the cre­at­ive com­munity in DC. Freel­an­cers, inde­pend­ents star­tups, all should have a space they are proud to work from.

We also want to change how people look at DC, it’s not just about gov­er­ment jobs and con­tract­ors, DC has amaz­ing cre­at­ive tal­ent and we want every­one to notice this.

Can­vas will become not just a place to work from, but a place where the com­munity meets, where events hap­pen, a hub for cre­at­ives.

We want can­vas to have the same suc­cess nclud has had. We’re fol­low­ing the same for­mula and we hope it works one more time.

We called it can­vas because a can­vas is where a cre­at­ive begins and where even­tu­ally a mas­ter­piece is cre­ated.

Canvas Logo

Canvas Cowork Canvas Cowork Canvas Cowork Canvas Cowork

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