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A designer living in Old Town Alexandria San Francisco. Co-founder of nvite, canvas and nclud. Founder of worthy. Formerly Design Lead at twitter.

On Col­lect­ing Visual Inspiration.

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Like many design­ers out there I like col­lect­ing images of good graphic design, but I have a prob­lem with cur­rent image book­mark­ing ser­vices. So I decided to set up my own system.

Who doesn’t love look­ing at clean, simple, beau­ti­ful graphic design? I’m obsessed with dis­cov­er­ing great tal­ent and great design. Ever since I can remem­ber want­ing to be a designer I’ve col­lec­ted and/or cata­loged bits of designs I find inspir­ing and use­ful. Like many of you how­ever, I’ve struggled to find the per­fect solu­tion for my image book­mark­ing needs.

Over the last few years I’ve been using web based ser­vices for my design book­mark­ing, and while there are some good solu­tions out there, non are per­fect for me.

The Prob­lem with Cur­rent Solutions

My biggest issue with cur­rent image book­mark­ing ser­vices is their lack of sim­pli­city, both from a design per­spect­ive and the fea­tures they offer. All of these ser­vices fff­found, img­s­park, vi.sualize, emberapp, while good solu­tions for most, are just not what I’m look­ing for.

I want a ser­vice that let’s me focus on the images them­selves and not it’s related content/metadata. I don’t want to see how many people liked a spe­cific image, or if it has other related images, or how many tags it has etc. I’m there to con­sume the visu­als, the image!.

A Note on Dropular

Drop­u­lar is an image book­mark­ing ser­vice that showed prom­ise, it had a simple inter­face and a very eleg­ant solu­tion for book­mark­ing images via a simple book­mark­let. I star­ted using the ser­vice last year and I finally felt I had found the per­fect solu­tion. That is, until they des­troyed any con­fid­ence I had in them. Not only did they shut down for sev­eral months prom­ising a new and improved ser­vice, but ended up launch­ing a com­pletely use­less web­site. I respect the people behind drop­u­lar, but they really let me down.

After the drop­u­lar fiasco, I figured it was time to find my own solution.

Enter Visual Bits

Visual Bits.

Visual Bits is my own per­sonal image book­mark­ing web­site. I had one goal in mind when set­ting it up, it needed to be simple, it needed to feel simple.

The site is powered by tumblr and it’s using a cus­tom tumblr theme I designed that basic­ally elim­in­ates any other piece of data asso­ci­ated with the image and leaves the image and source intact. No related images, no tags, no fol­low­ers, no “likes”, etc.

It’s per­fect.