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Alex Girón

A San Francisco based Designer. Currently Creative Director at Eventbrite, Formerly Design Lead at twitter. Founder at nvite, canvas, nclud, worthy.

Enter Canvas.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Just over a month and a half ago Martin and myself launched a new venture called Canvas, a beautiful co-working space designed for cre­at­ive types.

Canvas Cowork

In the five and a half years of running an agency (nclud) we learned the importance of having the right environment for creatives; we understand how much of an impact the right space can make in the creative process.

We designed nclud’s HQ all by ourselves, we modified the floor plans, picked all finishes, paint, furniture, decor, all of it. We designed a workplace every one of us was proud to call our ‘office’.

There is just something about walking into work every morning and feeling like you are in the right place, a space that ‘feels’ creative.

This feeling is something wanted to mimic for the creative community in DC. Freelancers, independents startups, all should have a space they are proud to work from.

We also want to change how people look at DC, it’s not just about goverment jobs and contractors, DC has amazing creative talent and we want everyone to notice this.

Canvas will become not just a place to work from, but a place where the community meets, where events happen, a hub for creatives.

We want canvas to have the same success nclud has had. We’re following the same formula and we hope it works one more time.

We called it canvas because a canvas is where a creative begins and where eventually a masterpiece is created.

Canvas Logo

Canvas Cowork Canvas Cowork Canvas Cowork Canvas Cowork

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