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Alex Girón

A San Francisco based Designer. Currently Creative Director at Eventbrite, Formerly Design Lead at twitter. Founder at nvite, canvas, nclud, worthy.

A little about me.

Photograph of Alex Girón My Name is Alex Girón, I’m a designer living in beautiful Old Town Alexandria San Francisco. Co-founder of nclud, a creative web design agency based in Washington, DC, Canvas, a co-working community designed for creative types, nvite a ticketing platform. Most recently I was Design Lead at Twitter. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with great brands including Apple, The Washington Post, Nokia, AOL, Discovery, Politico, Marriott, Puma, McCormick, The Newspaper Association of America, Art Director’s Club, among others.

For seven years I ran CSS Beauty, a website which purpose was to showcase beautiful websites created using Cascading Style Sheets. I saw the website become one of the top resources for standards based web design/development.

In my spare time I like to explore and learn about code, design, and anything I find inspiring.

Some of my work has been featured in popular magazines such as Practical Web Design, .net Magazine, and in books such as Web Design in a nutshell, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design and Adapting to Web Standards, among others.

Fun facts about me

  • I lived in Venezuela for ten years.
  • I speak spanish fluently and good knowledge of Russian.
  • I have a cat named Boris, I sometimes call him Borka and sometimes add “Nakamora” at the end of that (Heroes Reference).
  • I love me a good cup of coffee, gets me going every morning.
  • I enjoy drinking good beer and/or wine.
  • I love football (a.k.a Soccer), the EPL in particular. I support Chelsea.